Title: Uwarunkowania wyników wyborów sejmowych w Polsce w 2005 r. = Conditioning of the results of the parliamentary elections in Poland in 2005


Nitschke, Bernadetta (1964 - ) - red.

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Rocznik Lubuski, 33


W tekście analizujemy wybrane przyczyny, które zadecydowały o wyniku uzyskanym przez poszczególne partie w wyborach sejmowych 2005 roku. O wyborach do Senatu i elekcji prezydenta wspomnimy tylko w takim zakresie, w jakim bezpośrednio wiązały się z sejmowymi.


The run and results of the parliamentary elections in Poland which took place on 25th September 2005 are analyzed. The reasons behind the success of particular candidates and parties resulting from both actions taken in the past and from the tactic applied during the elections, especially professional marketing, are shown. It is pointed out that because of the low participation in the elections (40,57%) and great diffusion of votes, the real support given by the population as a whole to particular winning parties was very low: ?Prawo i Sprawiedliwość? - 10,54%, ?Platforma Obywatelska? - 9,42%, ?Samoobrona? - 4,46%, ?Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej? - 4,41%, ?Liga Polskich Rodzin? - 3,11%, ?Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe? - 2,72%. ; This resulted in large dispersion in the Parliament and low representation of the Parliament in relation to the public opinion. It is shown that the victory of PiS was a result of a professional, well-planned and organized campaign, and also the displaying of social and nationalistic slogans in the program. ; Many elements of this program are impossible to realize, but voters had not recognize it and opposite parties avoiding negative campaign had not shown it. The supportive ?Maryja? Radiostation was also an important factor, because of its influence on a small but disciplined part of voters. The reasons for the weaker results of the other parties arising from less proper estimation of the electoral opinion and mistakes in the campaign are also analyzed.


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Rocznik Lubuski, tom 33




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