Title: "List do rodzin" "Gratissimam sane" Jana Pawła II - ciągle aktualne wezwanie = "Gratissimam sane" - John Paul II`s "Letter to Families" - an appeal valid forever


Zydek, Sylwia



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Bednarczyk-Stefaniak, Emanuela - red. ; Seul, Anastazja - red.

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Scripta Humana, 8


"List do rodzin" ukazał się ponad 20 lat temu, w 1994 roku. Można go odczytywać jako próbę interpretacji ówczesnej sytuacji rodzinnej, ale także jako przepis na współczesne, szczęśliwe życie rodzinne. Samo określenie "list" przywodzi na myśl słowa skierowane do przyjaciela, osoby, z którą człowiek chce dzielić się radością, ważnymi informacjami czy myślami.


"Letter to Families" was published over 20 years ago, in 1994. It may be read as an attempt to interpret family situation then but also as recipe of a present happy family life. The term letter itself brings to mind words addressed to a friend, a closed person to share joy, important information or exchange thoughts with. ; It seems John Paul II was guided by the good of the family and the desire to give advice in his Letter to Families. Only with God as the source of strength in its centre, may the contemporary built on Christian values family resist diverse threats. Thorough analysis of the Letter answers many questions and explains doubts. Hence, the reader finds information about raising children, responsible parenthood or issues connected with genealogy and human dignity there. ; The words appearing at the end of the Letter are extremely significant: "What I offer, then, is an invitation: an invitation addressed especially to you, dearly beloved husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. It is an invitation to all the particular Churches to remain united in the teaching of the apostolic truth. It is addressed to my Brothers in the Episcopate, and to priests, religious families and consecrated persons, to movements and associations of the lay faithful; to our brothers and sisters united by common faith in Jesus Christ, even while not yet sharing the full communion willed by the Saviour; to all who by sharing in the faith of Abraham belong, like us, to the great community of believers in the one God; to those who are the heirs of other spiritual and religious traditions; and to all men and women of good will". ; Therefore, family good is not only a concern of the Roman Catholic Church. It must be the concern of the whole world, not only during The Year of Family but always. Hence, the article tries to interpret pope`s message anew, showing that it hasn?t grown stale and invariably remains a crucial element of JP II`s teaching.


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