Title: Effects of rotation on transient fluid flow and heat transfer through a curved square duct: the case of negative rotation


Jurczak, Paweł - red.

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JAME, volume 26 (2021)


The fluid flow and heat transfer through a rotating curved duct has received much attention in recent years because of vast applications in mechanical devices. It is noticed that there occur two different types of rotations in a rotating curved duct such as positive and negative rotation. The positive rotation through the curved duct is widely investigated while the investigation on the negative rotation is rarely available. ; The paper investigates the influence of negative rotation for a wide range of Taylor number ( ?10 ? Tr ? ?2500 ) when the duct itself rotates about the center of curvature. Due to the rotation, three types of forces including Coriolis, centrifugal, and buoyancy forces are generated. ; The study focuses and explains the combined effect of these forces on the fluid flow in details. First, the linear stability of the steady solution is performed. An unsteady solution is then obtained by time-evolution calculation and flow transition is determined by calculating phase space and power spectrum. When Tr is raised in the negative direction, the flow behavior shows different flow instabilities including steady-state, periodic, multi-periodic, and chaotic oscillations. ; Furthermore, the pattern variations of axial and secondary flow velocity and isotherms are obtained, and it is found that there is a strong interaction between the flow velocities and the isotherms. ; Then temperature gradients are calculated which show that the fluid mixing and the acts of secondary flow have a strong influence on heat transfer in the fluid. Diagrams of unsteady flow and vortex structure are further sketched and precisely elucidate the curvature effects on unsteady fluid flow. Finally, a comparison between the numerical and experimental data is discussed which demonstrates that both data coincide with each other.


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JAME, volume 26, number 4 (2021)




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