Title: Wychowawcze oddziaływanie bohatera literackiego na młodzież w okresie dorastania = The Educational Influence of a Literary Hero on Young People During Adolescence


Dudzikowa, Maria



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Roenig, Jan - tł.

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 2


The article's object are contemplations on the conditions of influence of a literary hero an young people durring adolescence. Young people's evolution and social conditions bring about, that their attitude towards a literary hero bases on other lines tham the attitude of younger readers. ; Researches have shown, that youth is not interested in a specific personal example and has only little tendency towards identification with a particular hero, but sets up a stereotype of an ideal person, who possesses different attributes borrowed from literary characters as well. For different reasons the educational process can not resign the character of a literary hero as a model for imitation and identification. ; The teacher however ought not to limit himself - as it still often happens - to the presentation of characters of worth launched by belles-lettres, but in the first line must mediate those models influencing the pupil by securing the conditions necessary to the process of itmitation. The authoress, giving the conditions, under which the literary hero can become a model of great influence on the pupil's behavior and under which the pupil becomes ready to accept the model's characteristics, advances the thesis, that the teacher's task is the creating of such educational conditions, under which the pupils can perform certain social roles inspired by the literary text. ; The shaping of certain postures and convictions inspired by the literary hero calls for the initiation by the pupils of a whole series of actions, which are a manifestation of behavior expected by the community and a manifestation of feellings connected with those adions, whereas the teacher is expected to set up definite tasks for the pupil, to exact their realization, to estimate them and to apply sanctions.


Zielona Góra: Lubuskie Towarzystwo Naukowe ; Zielona Góra: Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna



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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 2




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