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Biłos, Edward


Mezer-Bańkowska, Alicja de - tł.


Niektóre problemy badań struktury teorii nauczania uczenia się literatury i jej stosunków z innymi teoriami = Some problems of the research into the structure of the literature teaching theory and its relations with other theories

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 7

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dydaktyka literatury


The actual level of the literature didactics development requires carrying out methodological research into at least four closely interrelated groups of problems: a) the specificity of literature teaching at school, b) the general structure of the teaching literature theory, c) the intra- and inter-theory relations of the discussed theory, d) the role of the integrating and transformating guidance factor in constructing, functioning and putting the didactic theory into practice. However, the assigned tasks cannot be conducted without taking into consideration the postulates of the general theory relation between various theories. ; The receptive literary metaphorization, properly formed at each stage of analysing a literary work at school, seems to be the specificity of the literature teaching process. It aims at forming appropriate didactic structures (motivational, organizational etc.). Then the systems of appropriate functional structures of a teacher who trains his pupils in creative participation in national and general culture, which embraces studying, evaluating and autotelous aesthetic experieitcing of literary works, are reflected in the structure of the literature teaching theory. ; Considering the degree of the dynamie interdisciplinary integration and practical statements on these appropriate didactic structures, the autho suggests separating of the three following basic structural levels of the discussed theory: a) homomorphic, b) polymorphic, c) emprirical, and, on the other hand, an efficient cause of integrating and transformating guidance, both within the theory itself and between the theory and other various theories (integration of statements, theoretical inference etc.). The solution of the above mentioned and suggested problems undoubtedly leads to the reorientation of views on the basic problems of the literature didactics.


Zielona Góra: Lubuskie Towarzystwo Naukowe ; Zielona Góra: Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna ; Zielona Góra: Kuratorium Oświaty i Wychowania



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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 7




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