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Measuring the extent the environmental pollution of the waters of the diwani river some trace elements resulting from diwani textile factory using some spectroscopic methods

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ZN UZ IŚ, nr 44 (2016)


Al-Rufaie, Mohauman Mohammad

Subject and Keywords:

Iraq ; Diwani River ; some trace elements ; Diwani textile factory ; spectroscopic methods


The concentrations of some trace elements cobalt, nickel, lead, mercury cadmium, copper and Iron as well as pH value and the conductivity were determined in the samples of water which input and output (waste) from AL-Diwani textile factory and the effect of it on the AL-Diwani river water which is nearest from the factory through one month. The concentrations of above elements were determined in the samples by two methods. ; The flame Atomic absorption spectrophotometry and the spectrometry method which is satiable for each ion and making Analytical comparative between them from some analytical values like correlation coefficient(r), relative standard error Erel%, recovery value Re% and relative standard deviation RSD% for each ion. It is found that the first method is more accuracy for measuring the all elements concentrations except measuring of Iron. ; From results we show that the Lead element is more concentration among other elements which was the middle concentration was 3.3 ppm. The cobalt element is less concentration from other elements which was the middle of it concentration was 0.043 ppm in the waste water samples and other elements have concentration between them in the different samples. ; We show the increasing on the acidity and Conductivity for waste samples as comparative with the other samples which were pH between 6.5-7.2 and the Conductivity from the instrument directly in between 1210-1913 mS?cm-1 and the measuring was making at the room temperature.


nr 5-11 tytuł: Politechnika Zielonogórska - Zeszyty Naukowe ; nr 1-4 tytuł: Wyższa Szkoła Inżynierska im. Jurija Gagarina w Zielonej Górze - Zeszyty Naukowe ; seria główna: Zeszyty Naukowe ; zeszyt 44 ukazał się jako nr 164 serii głównej


Zielona Góra: Oficyna Wydawnicza Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego


Greinert, Andrzej - red.



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Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego, Tom 44


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