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Podkomorzy kaliski Mikołaj z Wolicy. Herb Doliwów z Kępy, Wolicy i Rozdrażewa = Kalisz county chamberlain Mikołaj from Wolica. The coat of arms of Doliwas from Kępa, Wolica, and Rozdrażew

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In Gremium, t. 5


Benyskiewicz, Krzysztof

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Mikołaj z Wolicy ; Urzędnicy - Polska ; 14 w.


The article is dedicated to the Kalisz chamberlain Mikołaj from Wolica, a fourteenth-century representative of the Doliwa family. It consists of two parts. The first registers the achievements of historiography on the matter of origins and family ties and presents new proposals concerning the clerical and political career of the Great Poland magnate. ; The second part describes Mikołaj's coat of arms in relation to those of his family members. Mikołaj from Wolica was the son of a Poznań voivode Paszko from Wolica and Benice. He never had as brilliant a career as his father. His apter relatives beat him in the race towards more prominent positions. He started his political career as Kalisz county's master of the hunt and in a few years he took up the position of a chamberlain. ; Mikołaj participated in the events that were important for the future of the Kingdom of Poland - the knight congresses in Radomicko and Pyzdry. Thanks to the documents issued at that time, we can study the chamberlain's seal. Mikołaj died suddenly on March 30, 1370 during internal fights. We do not know if he had taken part in the subsequent assemblies in Sieradz on February 26 and March 28. ; Both those assemblies had played an important part in choosing the candidate to the throne of Kingdom of Poland in Great Poland. It is hard to state whether his death was the effect of a battle or a disease.


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Dolański, Dariusz - red. ; Nitschke, Bernadetta - red.



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In Gremium : studia nad historią, kulturą i polityką, tom 5


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